Fun With Science

A dozen young scientists cheered as red foamy lava oozed out of their volcanoes covering cars, animals, and lakes. Hilton Branch's "Hands-on Science" workshops encourage kids ages 7 - 10 to roll up their sleeves and make a science-y mess. In this case, the mess was a mixture of dirt and glue wrapped around a small soda bottle to create the volcano. On and around the volcano, the scientists added glitter, matchbox cars, animals made out of clay, and "lakes" made from bottle caps filled with blue glue. A shout rang out when the vinegar reacted to the baking soda and everything in its path was destroyed.

The Hands on Science series continues with Owl Pellets on November 9th and
Test Tube Adventures on December 14th. Both are from 3:45 -to 5 pm.
Registration: call Hilton Branch Library 973/762-1688. Classes size is limited.

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